5 Mental Health Tips From Creative Women!

Creative women are innovative, visionary and full of amazing ideas, but sometimes our minds just aren’t a fun place to live. Sometimes life as a creative can be overwhelming, especially when you are struggling with your mental health. Our crafts are often very personal to us and due to there being no specific marking system for a creative’s work, feedback is based on personal opinion which can be hard sometimes! We are constantly on the comparison train, feeling like we’re not doing enough (or being told we’re doing too much!). Some may say this is the life we chose, but a girl needs a break sometimes, right?!

Sometimes we have WAY much going on inside our minds and it’s been highly documented that creative people are more likely to suffer from mental health issues at some point in their lives. It kinda makes sense, since creativity and mental illness both involve some form of irregular thought patterns, sometimes extreme ones. Mental health in creative industries still isn’t talked about enough, so we wanted to discuss this with some of our favourite creative women in the UK to find out what advice they would give to someone struggling with their mental health.

It can feel incredibly isolating and like there is no one in the world who understands how you feel. We're here to make you feel less alone and to remind you that it's ALWAYS ok to ask for help! So here it goes, 5 tips for managing your mental health - from the girls in our #mysupportSIStem campaign!

I think having a support system is so important for young women and their wellbeing ... as humans we need to be around people, we need to feel connected, we need to feel like we are part of a tribe or a family.” - Nicole

〰️ What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with their mental health? 〰️


1. Know that it is okay that you may not feel that everything is okay. You are not dealing with this alone, you are not the only one that has had to deal with this in the whole of human race, and that is important to know. It is also important to seek help, to seek the right help, and to know how to vocalise what is going on, even if it seems ludicrous or out of this world and difficult to explain it, there are so many different ways that you can break it down and it is important to break that down to the right people who can support and help you with what ever you need to go through. 

Know that your feelings are valid and that they are not going to be turned down by people because they exist, you exist, and knowing that in a world where everything around you is constantly trying to tell you different things about who you should be and shouldn't be, to always stay true to yourself because there is only you in this whole entire world, and you are important. Know that you and your existence is valid and whatever is happening in your life, talk about, seek the right help and believe in yourself. 

- Nicole Crentsil, Curator + Public Speaker





2. Find people that you can relate to and that can help you as well. It is so important to go to the doctor as well, there are different ways of dealing with depression, anxiety and other mental health problems, even if it is medication to help you get off the hardest part. I personally had medication when I was in a difficult spot and there is a lot of stigma around it but it helped me out of a very dark hole so that I was able to then seek therapy and actually work on my problems from within. 

So I think seeking help and reaching out to other people because there are other people that feel that way as well and this will help you feel like you are not alone. 

- Teisha Matthews, DJ




3. If you are not feeling good, and you are feeling a bit out of line, and things are not really going your way and you are just struggling or your brain is just in a mess, eradicate things out of your life that might distract you from focusing on getting better or fixing that thing. Whether it is habits that distract you or hold you back or social events that drain you and don't actually make you feel good. Concentrate on yourself for a little while - yeah, it helps! 

- Penny Belle, Mentor + ADHD Activist




4. Don't be afraid of how you are feeling. Communicate always. Write down what you think if you feel like you can't approach someone or don't have that confidence. Writing down what you are feeling is a form of communication, even if you only use it for yourself. 

- Jasmin Sehra, Artist + Radio Host



Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 01.11.36.png


5.  Don't give power to your negative thoughts. One way we can quickly take control over them is to share them! When we're not sharing them, not saying them outlaid, they are stuck in our minds, building up more strength, telling us more stories that actually aren't true. We give our thoughts "support" by isolating ourselves, by making sure there is no one around to challenge them. Talk to someone. Ask for help. You're not alone in this and so many of us can't fight it alone. Invest in your mind and in yourself, be gentle with yourself and take baby steps. It's all building momentum, instead of keeping you stuck in a a negative place.

- Suz Selçuk, CraZyCreativeCool founder (pictured here with Nicole Crentsil, Leanne Haynes (Elsie & Fred), Sophie Brampton and Teisha Matthews.

Are you a creative? What tips would you give to someone struggling with their mental health?