Protect Your Energy

Week 2 of our #mentalwellnesschalleNge!

This week we are focusing on protecting our energy. We all have our own energy field which is in tune with how we're feeling. Regardless of whether our energy is high or low, we need to protect it! It affects everything around you, from your mood, your emotions - even your productivity! ⁣

Do you suffer from "sunday night syndrome"? If you haven't heard of it before, let me break it down for you. It's something I experienced for years...and to sum it up: Sunday nights would arrive teamed with a wave of anxiety as I thought about the week ahead. As I reflected on the week just passed and all the things that I was supposed to do, but didn't! Sunday's used to be my day of ultimate procrastination, where I'd find ANYTHING to do but the things I knew I really needed to get done. In the blink of an eye it would be time for bed (I'm still sure Sunday's flash by 3 x faster than any other day of the week) and I'd find myself sat in a panic about how unorganised I was, putting myself down for all the tasks I didn't manage to finish, feeling generally overwhelmed with life and the direction I was headed in.

I hated feeling this way, so I tried to change it. Every Sunday morning I'd tell myself that this week would be my week! This would finally be the week that I work on that project I want to finish. This is the week I'm actually going to get 7 hour sleep a night! This is the week I'm focusing on healthy habits that make me feel good. Sadly my intentions weren't strong enough to overcome my procrastination skills. Once again, I found myself trapped in the cycle.

Sometimes we can have every intention of making a change and be doing all the right things, we tell ourselves this will be the week we finish that book, start that business we’ve always wanted to, reach out for help or meet up with the friend who we know will put a smile on our faces. Somehow, gets to the following Sunday night and we’ve probably done 1/10th of what we originally set out to do that week!

Then we get into that spiral of thinking things will never change, beating ourselves up about not being strong enough and feeling even lower than before. It's like we get so excited and ready for change, we might have one good day and we feel like this is it - things will be different now - but then the next day we are back into the same routine, same thought pattern and basically back at square one. Personally, I've been on this journey of mental wellness for the past two years and it really is a journey, some days I'm good, things are positive and moving in the right direction, others I literally struggle to drag myself out of bed. I’ve suffered with depression in the past, although it took me a long time to accept the "depression" label because I didn't feel sad 24/7 - it was feelings of numbness that was causing me pain (ironically). I didn't feel anything, just numb. No excitement, no anger, no boredom, just empty.  It's the most upsetting thing because we want things to get better, we want to smile and get excited about stuff, we want to do things! However feeling like this is like a constant energy drain, we can't focus on what we know we need to but we don't know why and that's the most frustrating part of it

If you can relate to any of this and you really want this week to be different, now is the time to ask yourself:⁣


One of my favourite phrases is "where your attention goes, energy flows." It's near impossible to focus on the good when we're in a negative mindset. Something that's really helped me is to list the things in my daily life that are taking up so much of my good energy and might be stopping me from healing, productivity and mental wellness.⁣


  • Are you surrounding yourself with negativity and drama? ⁣

  • Do you spend too much time talking about other people? ⁣

  • Are you compromising your own values to please other people? ⁣

  • Do you say “yes” when you’re already pushing yourself to the limit + need to be saying no?⁣

If you find yourself feeling drained, unmotivated and anxious - spend some time this week trying to figure out where your personal energy leaks are and how you can block or even just reduce them. Work on clearing out the things that drain you and you will find you’ll have so so much more energy for the things that make you feel good! Protecting your energy really is so important.

Tomorrow we’ll be releasing a free energy audit worksheet - sign up here to get yours:

In the meantime, set yourself 5 mini goals for this week. They can include getting out of bed on the days you really struggle, making yourself a good breakfast, getting more sleep - anything that's focusing on your self care and taking back your power!

What are the things that help you stay motivated and positive? Share them in the comments below and help others who are struggling!

Here's to a week of mental wellness!