We joined forces with independent fashion label Elsie & Fred and our fav illustrator, Sophie Brampton to bring you *drum roll* the Women Unite campaign! Our part of the campaign was to bring together some of our most inspiring influencers to Elsie & Fred's ridiculously cool head office (seriously, they had Selena Quintanilla posters on the wall!), and get them share their stories and mental health journey's on camera. We created the #mysupportSIStem movement as part of this campaign to help young women break through the silence of mental health and start talking! A huge thank you to everyone involved in this project, especially the girls - talking about mental health is never easy but we KNOW their stories will resonate with women out there who are currently feeling so alone. Hopefully hearing their experiences will support people that are struggling to come forward and ask for help. 

#mysupportSIStem : A movement to celebrate and encourage conversations between friends, peers and complete strangers so that we can show all girls that it's ok to ask for help.

As simple as it sounds, asking for help can be the hardest thing to do, especially for those struggling with mental health issues. As you guys may know, I personally suffered for years in silence and even those closest to me had no idea because I felt embarrassed to talk about it to anyone. Before I started the CCC platform, even my best friend was in the dark about how low I really felt!

The aim of this movement is to not only highlight mental health in creative industries but to give young women the strength the speak out and ask for help. Get involved with the conversation of #mysupportSIStem and take the first step today to reach out to ONE person. It could be someone you know, or it could be a stranger. It could be taking those steps to speak to a doctor about getting professional help. Sisterhood is not just posting cute memes on social media, it's doing the work and helping each other through the real sh!t. The messy stuff, the stuff we don't feel comfortable talking about, let alone post about. We can create change, it just takes baby steps... are you going to take yours today?

We believe in you, you got this!

Watch the full campaign video below and please share with anyone you think it may help!