How To Stop Comparing + Start Creating!

NOTE TO SELF: don’t let fear stop you from doing meaningful work!⁣⁣

Sometimes, the things we want to do so much, are the things we procrastinate about. Why? Fear!⁣⁣ Fear of being seen. Fear of failure. Fear of being judged. Fear of not being good enough at what we love. Does any of this resonate with you?⁣ These fears lead us to procrastinate, compare ourselves to others, distract ourselves in any way possible… we do anything to avoid even thinking about it. Then criticise ourselves for being lazy & unproductive. Vicious cycle! So how can we start to break it?⁣⁣

Let yourself feel the fear. Instead of moving away from it, turn towards it. Acknowledge it. Write down how you feel about it and where you think it might have come from. ⁣


⁣⁣Practice dropping (some) of your ego. We can’t eliminate ego completely, it’s part of our make up as humans. However, what we can do is let go of the thoughts that hold us back. For example, you might really want to start a blog or leave your “good” job to start a totally new career that you have zero experience in, but you’re worried what people will think about you. “I might fail or people will wonder who I think I am and judge me.” Notice the story you’re telling yourself, so you can be aware of it & rewrite it. Usually, our ego is at the centre of the story we’re telling, so by recognising the power it has over us, we can start to rescript it.⁣⁣

Think about the people you want to serve. Claim your creativity and ideas without expectation, comparison or judgement. Push past the fear of being seen! Instead of worrying about how people will perceive your work, or that others are more talented, clever or creative, ask yourself these things:⁣⁣

1. There’s room for everyone’s light to shine. In fact, the more of us that embrace ours, the better!

Think about a few of the people who inspire you currently. How are they different? How are they still needed, despite similarities?⁣⁣

2. You lose nothing by *trying* the work you feel called to do.

What is the worst thing that could happen if you take the risk? What’s the best thing that could happen?⁣⁣

3. The passion you feel about what you love, means that it’s bigger than you.

Who are you doing it for? What impact could you make by pushing through fear?⁣⁣

This week, get started on that passion project / work or change that you’ve been wanting to make, feel the resistance & walk over it. Stay present in the first task you need to do to take action, put your phone on flight mode for a 30 min time block, work through what you can in this time.

Let yourself feel gratitude for the idea you have & open yourself to the full experience, including the discomfort! You got this!⁣⁣