Mental Health A5 Monthly Habit Tracker

Mental Health A5 Monthly Habit Tracker


This tracker was created to help you track your habits - good AND bad! Why habit track?! Habit tracking is one of the best things we can do to improve our productivity and mental wellbeing. The purpose is to make ourselves aware of the things we do on a daily basis that we want to change, plus the things we don’t do on a daily basis that we want to start actioning!

Small baby steps is our kinda thing, as this creates long term results. By using this tracker, you have a visual overview of the changes you are making to your daily routine. Put this in the front of your diary, on your bedroom wall, wherever you know you’ll see it and fill it in daily.

Write the 6 habits you want to focus on creating or overcoming at the top of the sheet to flow down the check boxes. Then check off every day to track!

Habit tracking can be a really effective tool for anyone who wants to focus on their mental wellbeing or overcome a mental health issue. It’s a way for us to be really honest with ourselves about which behaviours are helping, or hurting us. You could use yours to remind yourself to do the things you know help to reduce anxiety, to measure how often you skin pick or hair pull, as visual record of how often you move your body or how much water you’ve drank each day!

The options are endless and up to YOU! Just remember, it’s all about doing more of the things that are good for your mind and body.

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It makes us so happy to hear your feedback on our tools and resources! Here are a few of our fave reviews of the Habit Tracker so far…

I LOVE my habit tracker! There isn’t anything out there like this and it is perfect for a creative mind to work through! I don’t get bored or feel like it’s a chore to get through it!
— Abbie
I suffer with dermatillomania and I’ve always struggled with being aware of how many times a day I pick my skin. It’s something I’ve been trying to overcome for a long time and this habit tracker has helped me so much! I now track all of my skincare rituals on my tracker which help to reduce my skin picking. I track things like how many days I get enough sleep, how much water I drink and how many things I do to ease my mind, like reading or relaxing.
— Tasha