Mental Wellness Stickers

Mental Wellness Stickers


Our cute Mental Wellness Stickers are designed to prompt you to be kind to your mind. Stick them anywhere you like, on your journal, diary, mirror, laptop, on your best friend…wherever you will see them on a daily basis. Don’t forget that the mind is like a muscle, we have to train it to grow!

Let’s be honest - we’re all going to have bad days and it’s impossible to maintain a positive mindset 24/7 - but we believe that being aware of our thoughts and shifting them to a more constructive place creates positive change. These self care stickers will hopefully remind you that you are stronger than your thoughts! Think of them as colourful sticky affirmations. Plus, stickers in general are a mood boosting thing (or is that just us…?)

Your sticker sheet includes four designs with the following reminders:

✓ Goals, Glowing + Growing

✓ Plant Positive Thoughts In The Garden Of Your Mind

✓ This World Needs You! (note - it really does!)

✓ Grow Through What You Go Through

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