Perspective Pack (Journal, Wellness Wall Chart + Stickers)

Perspective Pack (Journal, Wellness Wall Chart + Stickers)


At CrazyCreativeCool, our mission is to make mental wellness a priority! We’re here to support you in moving towards a growth mindset with creative self development journals and tools that improve confidence and self esteem. 

The purpose of the Perspective Pack is for you to create a safe space to take control of your thoughts, reign in negative self talk and practice healthy habits - which will result in a clearer mind, more focus and a stronger self belief. The ability to see things from a new perspective is so vital for this! It gives us the power we need to create real change, the strength to try new things and the confidence to create a new vision for our lives. 

To be able to fully utilise the power of perspective, we need to be aware of our subscious thoughts. What kind of voice do you listen to daily in your mind? Is it the voice of an enemy or a friend? The truth is, most of us have only just scratched the surface when it comes to our potential. Why? What is it that’s holding us back? The answer is: we are. Actually, our personal perspective and belief systems are! 

The Perspective Journal will take you through 30 days of deep work focused around what we like to call “The Three Pillars of Perspective”.

Your journal will provide space to practice gratitude, habit and productivity tracking alongside deep journaling prompts to unlock your inner thoughts and belief systems, leading you to a fresh new perspective. These processes will support you towards a more positive and productive mindset. This is the place where you discover how amazing and powerful you actually are! 

Your PERSPECTIVE pack includes:


78 pages in total, full colour and printed on recycled paper, as detailed above. Journaling daily is one of the best ways to get to know yourself.


You’ll receive 4 cute Mental Wellness Stickers designed to prompt you to be kind to your mind. Stick them anywhere you like, on your journal, diary, mirror, laptop, wherever you will see them on a daily basis. Don’t forget that the mind is like a muscle, we have to train it to grow! Let’s be honest - we’re all going to have bad days and it’s impossible to maintain a positive mindset 24/7 - but we believe that being aware of our thoughts and shifting them to a more constructive place creates positive change. These self care stickers will hopefully be the reminder you need that you are stronger than your thoughts! Plus, stickers in general are a mood boosting thing (or is that just us…?)


4 weeks worth of A4 Wellness Wall Charts to be used as a daily prompt to cultivate healthy habits that are good for your mind and body! Use alongside your Perspective Journal to reinforce the daily routine you want to create. Track things like your daily mood, energy level, screen time, sleep and set a weekly intention. All of these aspects combined, support our mental wellbeing and by using trackers we can get an overview and deeper insight into whether our routines are helping, or hurting us!


A place to discuss building / rebuilding self esteem, overcoming limiting beliefs, female entrepreneurship, networking, self care, goal setting and of course managing our mental wellbeing.

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