Clarity, Intentions + Growth 3 Month Planner

Clarity, Intentions + Growth 3 Month Planner


It’s finally here! Our first official diary planner!

Clarity, Intentions + Growth

This planner was built for you to gain clarity over who you want to be and what you want to create in your life. It’s a space for you to set your intentions and goals for personal growth.

It’s basically a diary with substance, a space for you to plan your next three months, schedule in self care, track your habits, set your personal and professional goals - plus filled with constant reminders to be kind to your mind!

Why 3 months?

You might be wondering why this planner only covers a three month period. We’re all about personal growth and growth = change. As you change and grow as a person, you evolve! This means that the goals you set at the beginning of a year are more than likely totally different to the ones you have by the end of the year. As you evolve as a person, so will your dreams, interests and needs. It’s normal to re-think and reflect upon your goals as the year goes by and adjust things where needed.

We also find that year long goals can be difficult to stick to and lose their momentum, leading to procrastination. Enter the 3 month planner! By focusing on the next 90 days and the things that are most important to you right now, you are able to put 100% into every part of the process, knowing that you are working on something actionable.

Your planner includes:

〰  Undated pages, so you can start any day of the year

Double page monthly undated calendar spread: to support you in planning out the month in advance, so you can schedule in work, self care and nurturing important relationships to stay balanced

〰  Self discovery pages: get clear on what you want, how you want to feel and who you want to be!

〰  Set intentions: by focusing on three main intentions each month, you avoid procrastination by fuelling your time and energy into the things that really matter to you

〰  Monthly theme pages so you can focus on how to generate good energy and positive emotions

〰  Weekly habit tracking: make yourself aware of the things you do on a daily basis that you want to change, plus the things you don’t do on a daily basis that you want to start actioning!

〰  Weekly goals: break down your goals for the week into actionable steps to keep up the momentum

〰  Weekly and monthly reflection: prompts for you to create space for yourself to reflect on each week and month, review what’s working and small baby steps you can take to reach your goals and be kinder to yourself!

A5 size and wiro bound: the planner can be laid flat, making it easy to use

〰 Printed on recycled paper in the U.K: something that is so important to us and the reason we decided against mass producing abroad!

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